Who we are

We use cutting-edge food tech to craft uber-premium snacking experiences for those who think with their taste buds and are also smart enough to understand the nutrition labels on the pack.

#TagZ - is a lot like you. It’s in Constant Beta - WIP just like you. You‘ve perhaps just started spotting us on the retail shelves but can’t wait to hang out with you much more often.

When we think of snacks, we think taste! When we think of life, we think active and outdoors!

What We Made For You



We are not like the other snack brands that publish their contact details like the fine print in insurance policies. We sincerely, honestly and eagerly wait to hear from you. We like to hear it all - the good, bad and the uglly! So if you like to talk, hit us up. Click kickass pictures with your amazing pack of TagZ and tag us on Insta or FB. Tell us what you like about us and what we can do even better. 25 out of our first 1000 consumers would be invited to jam with us. We’ll tell them a lot of our secrets ;-) - our upcoming products, some of the food-tech we use, our upcoming consumer programs and our startup stories. They’ll get a chance to be a part of it all. Who knows - the next TagZ recipe could actually be yours and be named after you! P.S. - The only qualification we need is your ability to post some savage pics of yourself with TagZ on Insta or FB.

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  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India